3D Printing

The manufacturing of goods is a primary driver of the global economy.  Computer science and 3D printing technologies are innovating the way we manufacture, even the way we design. In addition, 3D printing is also making a presence in other industries, such as medicine, engineering, and architecture. For remote locations, 3D printing can be particularly useful in providing access to parts that are not locally available. NASA is using the technology and has placed a 3D printer at the International Space Station.  From businesses and organizations to educational institutions, 3D printing is changing the way we do things.

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Injen Technology 3D printed air intake.

Classic vehicles, recreational vehicles, everyday vehicles, and even the vehicles of the future, are all benefitting from the expansive world of 3D printing. From emerging materials and innovative techniques to multi-color printing and expedited print times, 3D printing continues to advance, offering new and inventive ways to address many aspects of manufacturing in a wide range of industries, including ...read more  

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Motor mount 3D printed on the Markforged Metal X.

3D printing is a form of additive manufacturing, meaning objects are built by adding materials together rather than by subtracting materials, which is the case in traditional machining. Creating parts and pieces for industry has mostly been a long and limited process. Options are often limited and associated costs can present a sizable burden to redesign and innovation. Companies that need to machine parts for ...read more  

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Vases printed on the XYZPrinting da Vinci Jr. 2.0 Mix.

There are many types of 3D printing technologies available on the market and they all result in the formation of a tangible object being built layer by layer using the data received from a computer-generated 3D model. Once an object is built, it has real size, weight, and application and can be used in the real world. This fascinating process becomes even more exciting and applicable when objects can be printed ...read more  

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Spools of 3D Printlife's Enviro™ ABS and PLAyPHAb™ filaments.

The fast-growing world of 3D printing has not overlooked the need to produce ecologically-friendly materials and products. 3D Printlife, a national 3D printing company specializing in printer filament, has unveiled a line of products that are designed to perform with a variety of 3D printers as well as be easier on the environment. I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Buzz Baldwin, Co-Founder of 3D Printlife ...read more  

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Inside the Axiom 20, the tallest desktop 3D printer in its class.

The additive manufacturing industry, which dates back to 1983, has certainly been making great strides over the last few years. New companies are emerging rapidly, each bringing their own twist to the world of creating a physical three-dimensional object by layering material. One such company ...read more  

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3D model of a floor plan made out of carved plastic.

Architects have always benefitted from being able to display their designs in a way that the consumer could understand what they were about to be purchasing. From residential homes to the tallest skyscrapers and most complex commercial buildings, 3D models have been the key ...read more