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Inside the Axiom 20, the tallest desktop 3D printer in its class.

Airwolf 3D, the 3D printing company that is innovating innovation

The additive manufacturing industry, which dates back to 1983, has certainly been making great strides over the last few years. New companies are emerging rapidly, each bringing their own twist to the world of creating a physical three-dimensional object by layering material. One such company is Airwolf 3D. A Southern California-based 3D printing company, Airwolf 3D is setting the standard for innovation in this rapidly growing industry. In just under five short years, Airwolf 3D has grown from one machine able to produce singularly extruded prints in PLA and ABS to an ongoing line-up of printers that can use over 40+ materials.  With features such as dual extrusion, auto leveling, larger-than-average build plates, high-temperature multi-material printing, build-plate release technology, optimized 3D printing software, and direct drive extruder assemblies, Airwolf 3D is defining desktop 3D printing. As the first desktop 3D printing company to produce a machine capable of printing high-temperature materials such as polycarbonate and polypropylene, they are not new to paving the way for innovation. They produce the tallest 3D printer in its class, the AXIOM 20, with a 20-inch Z-axis and 12.5” x 12” build plate. Enhanced with features such as automatic bed leveling, a high strength extruded aluminum and injection molded polycarbonate full enclosure, and an easy feed filament system, this machine takes 3D printing potential to the next level.

Airwolf 3D hasn’t stopped at innovating 3D printer technology. They’ve also brought filament, software, education, and accessibility to the table. Introducing their new water-soluble support filament, Hydrofill, they’ve made 3D printing with an intricate support system a thing of ease. Compatible with ABS and PLA plastics, the material rinses away with water to reveal the 3D print.

Last month, I had the chance to talk with Eva Wolf, co-founder of Airwolf 3D, as she showed me first-hand how Hydrofill worked. She also went on to give me a brief understanding of the innovations that have taken place through Airwolf 3D’s development. Other programs offered at Airwolf 3D include curriculum and programs for multidisciplinary learning in k-12 education and higher education, the ability to lease a 3D printer or even trade in your used printer, and the opportunity to attend workshop and training classes.