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Retro technologies that have been replaced by apps.

There's an app for that

Now that high tech hardware has become exponentially compact, electronic devices and gadgets are nearly all but replaced with phone apps. Decades of modern technology that weighed hundreds of pounds can now be placed in your pocket, weighing only ounces. Entire chains of video rental, music, and book stores are instantly available through the touch of an app. Can we truly calculate the responsibility we now hold in the palms of our hands? Are we mature enough to even handle this dense realm of digital cognition? We have immediate access to who we want to film, what we want to watch, and when, where, and how we want to interact with a vast multitude of internet-connected content and devices. It is time to acknowledge the enormous scale and magnitude of our technologically-integrated world and open our minds to understanding the true reality of the complex and dynamic realm in which we are now living.

In 2018, Apple alone reported that $1.22 billion was spent in their app store between December 25th and December 31st. Then, on New Year’s Day 2019, buyers kicked off the year by spending an additional $322 million to purchase even more apps. It is undeniable that our modern day interaction with pocket technology is changing how we experience life. I have to wonder, at which point does a person’s photo gallery become their personality profile, or someone’s video clips become their character description? Does using a social media app to search through a catalog of people for compatibility allow you to truly “meet” someone? Are meaningful relationships the product of time and chance anymore or just the choice of intelligent algorithms? Does using a search engine provide truthful information or just the most popular answers? It is only logical to have these questions and only reasonable to look inside yourself to see if you are more than your digital imprint. The ethics within this digital reality are more than questionable, as even the smallest data points that you generate are bought and sold without conscious, behind your back. You cannot intelligently believe an app should be trusted to guide and protect your digital profile, let alone provide the moral compass for your life. The technologies of the future are like a restaurant buffet filled with seemingly endless options. App developers are not necessarily forcing you to consume everything they create, but they are putting it on the table. Remember, you are a consumer of technology, so self-control is a necessity. You, at some point, are responsible for your own behavior. For example, overusing camera apps can make you overweighted with heavy volumes of useless picture and video data while overusing social media apps can get you drunk with emotionally charged gossip and worthless affairs. Therefore, consume apps responsibly, because around the corner, there is a connected world emerging where ultrafast 5G internet will allow you to consume countless apps at speeds so fast, that if you don't manage your "app"etite, you could become out of control.