VIDEO: Largest installation of Nanoleaf Shapes being installed by Growing Gears at the North Las Vegas STEM Center of Excellence

Nanoleaf outshines with more shapes, more options

Nanoleaf light panels are products that showcase light in a way that is not only artistic, but also interactive. This technology illuminates the creative design process and allows for custom configurations that support ambiance and function. In terms of technology integration, function is often missed. On that note, this product really allows for that complex functionality that can so often be missed when creating a work of art centered in science. The bright lights of most LED technologies offer the dim prospects of limited variety and wavering patterns. Nanoleaf offers a much wider view that not only impresses its viewer, but also engages the observer while almost showcasing its talents. As expected, you make the light panel layout, decide the lighting color, adjust the intensity, and can also choose from some preinstalled patterns. But what makes this product different is how you use it with other technologies.

One company, Growing Gears, has done just that by using Nanoleaf Shapes to create a massive, interactive lightwall that can be incorporated into multimedia presentations. The video here shows the Nanoleaf panels being installed above a wall of vertical hydroponics located at the North Las Vegas STEM Center of Excellence. This giant light wall integrated a huge multiscreen display and was used to convey scientific information in an engaging and immersive way. For instance, the Growing Gears team taught learners of all ages about growing hydroponics in the desert and how it could also be grown on the Moon and even Mars. This was done by using the interactive properties of the giant light wall to match the color patterns of the planets on the big screen while tapping the wall to change its colors to represent properties of the topics being spoken about in real time. If water was mentioned, the wall was tapped to turn blue, or if desert was the topic, the wall turned light brown, and so on. This dynamic way of storytelling was not only done in a natural, untimed, free flow style, but also created an environment that was memorable where students really understood the topics being discussed.

The Nanoleaf light panel is a touch pad filled with colorful light, and when used with other technologies, it can have an exponential effect. This is why this particular LED use case an important example that highlights what the intersection of innovation and artistic expression looks like. With a little imagination and highly skilled technology integration team, it can be surprising what you can create when using Nanoleaf light panels.